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Medical Delivery Services

From daily lab deliveries to weekly pharmaceutical pick-up. We offer exceptional courier services and delivery services for the entire medical profession.
• Optical Labs
• Medical Labs
• Dental Labs
• Pharmacies
• Doctor’s Offices
• Dental Offices
• Hospitals

Welcome to KCS /
Arizona Medical

Since 1992, KCS / Arizona Medical Online Tracking has provided high quality, trusted expertise in time-critical, same-day medical delivery.

Our team of experienced, dedicated delivery specialists understand the importance of emergency and routine deliveries designed specifically for the medical industry. We focus our delivery service exclusively to delivering critical time or temperature sensitive items for the entire medical community.

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Our promise:
high-level, on-time, consistent performance.

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Pharmaceutical Delivery Solutions from Arizona Medical

We provide STAT, on demand pick up and delivery of urgently needed prescriptions and patient supplies for some of the largest pharmacies and healthcare organizations in the country.

For more routine needs, we also offer scheduled and routed deliveries or therapeutics and other products for pharmacies, hospitals and hospital networks. Temperature controlled deliveries are available as needed.